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Looking Forward

John Kirkendoll Sitting Behind Desk - Kirkendoll Management
The adult entertainment industry is entering a new age. As the business garners an increasingly larger, more mainstream audience, opportunities and challenges lie ahead. With increased visibility and cultural recognition, it is time to modernize our identity and tactics. Advances in technology and data-driven operational oversight give industry leaders more tools than at any time before.

New types of customers will bring change to the status quo. They will spend differently and interact with the brand differently. It is the owners’ and managers’ duty to continue to provide an excellent product and service to their already loyal customer base, while understanding the acquisition and needs of new customers. Knowing when to engage your audience, how they behave, and how to communicate with them is key to sustained growth.

Technology is a catalyst to growth and profitability. With an increasingly diverse customer base, contemporary marketing tactics popular in other industries can optimize your message, and tailor it to individual customers. Understanding how they use social media, what they are interested in, and how they interact with the industry provides great competitive advantage. Building websites with relevant information and eCommerce options increase the avenues for revenue generation.

Data-driven technology also maximizes profitability within the establishment. Systems designed to monitor inventory, optimize staffing, and provide unique sales opportunities, such as reserved tables and VIP packages increase profits. Adoption of current technologies can lower overhead, and raise earnings before the customer ever enters the door. Such tactics will be the divider between conducting good business and great business.

Technology aside, the path forward will be forged with forward thinking and industry-specific engagement. Openness and camaraderie will benefit all parties involved. There are many challenges the adult entertainment industry faces, and creating channels with which to share industry-specific news, legal precedents, best practices, and more will ensure viability and profitability in to the future.

These are exciting times, let’s make the most of it.


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