Kirkendoll Management’s Vision and Expansion

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Kirkendoll Management’s Vision and Expansion

Hospitality is a continuously developing industry full of opportunities from mixology at the bar and culinary arts in the kitchen to the talent and implementation that ensures the perfect venue and execution of adult entertainment and nightlife.

At Kirkendoll Management, we see hospitality as an experience. We are pleased to announce our expansion into different markets in the South and across the nation, beginning with new developments in Key West and Austin. Creativity and quality of service are our paramount philosophical values. Every bit of detail that goes into the creation and maintaining of a successful business in the industry makes a difference.

Kirkendoll is an entertainment and nightlife company focusing on concepting experiences that patrons will never forget. Ensuring each customer leaves with a great experience is key in gaining new customers. At Kirkendoll, we accomplish this by staying up to date on industry trends and constantly update our properties to remain competitive and unparalleled. This keeps the regulars coming back and brings in new faces consistently.

Our leadership in hospitality is reflected in our vision as well as our expanding team of professionals. Kirkendoll fosters the professional development & continued growth of managers, entertainers, hosts/hostesses, front- and back-of-the-house because we realize that our greatest asset is our people. Each individual that Kirkendoll staffs is proficient and qualified in his and her own areas of expertise and exhibits a vast knowledge of what it takes to administer a thriving trade in the hospitality industry.

Kirkendoll Management’s team is assembled of the highest quality professionals across business spheres; and, because of this, neighbors and affiliates consider our teams and establishments industry role models to be emulated. Our corporate mantra focuses on positively contributing to the betterment of our neighborhood, city and region in regards to philanthropic pursuits and creative endeavors.

Kirkendoll Management adheres to the highest level of standards, best practices and commitment to consumers’ experience. Expansion to additional markets is a key component to our growth plan. We are always looking for new opportunities to grow with gentlemen’s clubs and restaurants through acquisition and partnership.


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